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How To Deploy VTX For Full Spectrum SEO Dominance, Extra Traffic and FREE Link Juice

30 75 Credits a month for $97

Monthly Video Traffic X - Lite Credit Pack

50 150 Credits a month for $197

Monthly Video Traffic X - Enterprise Credits

Hi, it's Walt and on behalf of Andy and myself I'd like to say thank you for purchasing Video Traffic X... You're gonna be happier than a kid at Christmas when you see how easy VTX makes ranking your chosen keywords. So while your account is being set up, let me quickly run through how you'll get the best rankings, the most traffic and the fastest results with VTX...

Because The Most Critical Thing About SEO Success Is Nearly Always Overlooked...

I said this on the last page, but I'll say it again:

SEO Is A Numbers Game

You'll never see big dog SEOs shooting for a single keyword.

It's all about increasing the chance you'll rank. Playing the probabilities. We all know how stroppy Google can be, sometimes burying an article on page 32 and other times slam-dunking it into position 1... when there's no difference in the SEO!

So they don't try to 'snipe' with single videos or articles...

They Know The Only Way To Win The SEO Game Is To Carpet Bomb The Entire Battlefield

VTX let's you play like a pro...

Go after 100 keywords, create an arsenal of 100 VTX videos, drop them all into the SERPs and then see how many hit... Come away with 50 direct hits and you're in business.

And you'll quickly be sitting on enough free traffic to start booking flights, fantasizing about the look on your bosses face when you tell him where to shove it... and begin taking control of your future.

This is the TRUE power of Video Traffic X...

VTX allows you to rapidly achieve total domination of your sub-niche, niche... and even multiple niches at once... by churning out so many videos and articles that you're GUARANTEED a ton of winners. ...

and that means, you're going to need to know how to re-up your video credits so you don't run out of ammo half way through your next campaign :-)

How To Recharge Your Video Credits

Now... here's the important admin bit:

Because we create your videos on our servers, every time you decide to create a video... whether it's one, five or five hundred, it costs us money...

... and as much we'd love to give everyone unlimited credits...

If we want to stay in business and keep producing videos for you years into the future, giving out unlimited free credits just isn't practical.

So instead, we've made it really easy to recharge your credits whenever you run out...

All you need to do is go to the main website and choose a package.

The public prices currently start at $37 for 10 credits and rise to $197 for 50 credits.

Or there's this:


Get Monthly VTX Video Credits At The Lowest Price Ever... For Life

As an EARLY ADOPTER you've already secured your first month's supply of credits at the special launch price.

But we're gonna goone better and let you grandfather yourself in at the same launch price... for life!

That means:

You'll have a constant supply of new video credits, each month, for the lowest possible price you can ever pay...

And don't worry, the credits roll over, so you'll never 'lose your credits' when you're planning your next full-scale assault on the SERPs...

30 75 Credits a month for $97

Monthly Video Traffic X - Lite Credit Pack

50 150 Credits a month for $197

Monthly Video Traffic X - Enterprise Credits

Turn Video Traffic X Into The #1 Weapon In Your SEO Arsenal Today

If you want to enjoy a truly automated income by dominating page one in the SERPs for multiple keywords, then you need a tool powerful enough to do that.

That's VTX. Congrats. You already have it.

But don't get 30 days down the road...when your credits run dry, and wish you'd taken this one-time opportunity to get the credits you need (at a steeply discounted rate) for as long as you need them.

Take the long view and the time, money and effort you are saving with this one unique offer is staggering...

Don't let this offer pass you by. It won't come around again.

30 75 Credits a month for $97

Monthly Video Traffic X - Lite Credit Pack

50 150 Credits a month for $197

Monthly Video Traffic X - Enterprise Credits